Oil Analysis Services

The concept of analysing an oil sample from a machine or component is identical to that of taking a blood sample from a person, the results determine the health status of the unit. Wearcheck’s experienced diagnostic team then recommends how to rectify any abnormal findings.

WearCheck’s programme analyses for wear, contamination levels and oil condition in any oil-wetted compartment or oil filter found in equipment ranging from earthmoving units, transport fleets and processing plants to ships and aircraft.

The programme is simple
You: Purchase a WearCheck oil sampling kit, take the sample and return it to your nearest WearCheck depot.
We: Our highly skilled lab staff analyse your sample, the results are then interpreted by our Diagnosticians who will make a recommendation and send you a report on their findings.

Types of Analysis
Gas Engine Oils
Turbine Oils
Wind Turbine Oils

Product list
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Laboratory tests  
The exact tests carried out on a sample are determined by the type of machine and component.

The tests are designed to measure applicable combinations of the following:
  • Wear metals
  • Contaminants: dirt, water, fuel, soot, coolant
  • Additives
  • Cleanliness rating
  • Viscosity
  • Acid level
The following additional tests are available:
  • Viscosity at 100°C
  • Water, in parts per million, by Karl Fischer titration
  • Total base number
  • Total acid number
  • Analytical ferrography
  • Oil filter analysis

Reports contain the analytical results, an interpretation of the results, recommendation on machine and oil condition, and various checklists. Reports are available in print, fax, SMS and Email format as well as via NetCheck, a free windows programme allowing customers to receive results and create charts and graphs by internet & email. Click here to download a report example.