WearCheck Online

WearCheck Online is a web-based service which allows customers to receive their sample test results via the internet and to manage their oil analysis programme from their own computer or smartphone. It also permits two-way communication, enabling customers to use the system to submit information to WearCheck, ensuring that it is immediately integrated into the system. WearCheck Online employs drop-down menus to display results, to print reports, tables and lists, and to create charts and graphs.

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Condition Monitoring App

WearCheck’s brand new interactive customer application (app) was launched recently and has been well received by customers so far.

WearCheck is one of only a handful of condition monitoring companies in the world, and possibly the first in Africa, to develop and launch an app of this nature, according to managing director Neil Robinson.

How to get the app 
As a WearCheck customer, you can download WearCheck Mobile right now, for free. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple (iOS) mobile devices, and is available on Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Simply type “WearCheck Mobile” into the search bar to locate the app, or click here if you have an Apple device and click here if you have an Android device.  

The app is only about 40mb in size, so it won’t kill your data usage when you download it, and it uses minimal data when in use.