Coolant Analysis Services

Monitoring an engine’s cooling system performance is imperative, as research shows that 40% to 60% of all diesel engine failures are caused by a faulty cooling system. Therefore, a key factor in avoiding dreaded premature engine failure is to keep the cooling system operating optimally by using the most appropriate coolant and regularly measuring its chemical and physical properties.

WearCheck has devised a set of tests to determine whether the coolant is in good condition and capable of doing its job. If any of the pre-determined parameters are found to be out of spec then remedial action can be taken to ensure the healthy, normal operation of the cooling system and, in turn, the engine

Laboratory Tests
Coolant Tests
  • Glycol % (Test Method: ASTM D3306)
  • pH (Test Method: ASTM D1287)
  • Nitrate ppm (Test Method: in-house)
  • Molybdate ppm (Test Method: in-house)
  • TDS Total Dissolved Solids ppm (Test Method: OEM)
  • Foam (Test Method: in-house)
Other tests
  • Freeze Point
  • Boil Point