Friday, 16 November 2018 12:35

Promotion for Patience

Sello Patience Mokoena has been promoted to laboratory supervisor at WearCheck’s Specialty Laboratory (WSL) in Johannesburg.

Patience began her career at WearCheck in 2015 initially as a volunteer, just looking to gain work experience. After just two days of volunteer work, she was offered a temporary lab technician post, which soon became a permanent post.

With professionalism and dedication, Patience has worked her way up to become laboratory supervisor of the WSL.

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Friday, 15 June 2018 21:12

We're Hiring

WearCheck TCS Branch Manager: Cape Town

Main Job Functions: 


  • Managing all operational aspects of the branch and staff
  • Providing technical services to customers (Diagnoses of results and issuing of reports)
  • Responsible for ensuring the branch meets all goals and objectives in a timely manner


Position Requirements: 


  • Minimum Education – 3 years tertiary chemical qualification and 6-8 years related experience
  • Minimum 5 years managerial experience
  • Excellent knowledge of the ISO17025 requirements
  • Sound knowledge of Giza, Oasis and TCS Software
  • Excellent Computer Skills (Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Power Point)
  • Excellent leadership, communication, team building and change management skills
  • Methodical, accurate, conscientious, energetic and technically minded
  • Good time management and organisational skills
  • High attention to detail and ability to work under pressure.


Key Responsibilities: 


  • Ensure Laboratory staff work carefully and efficiently in the prescribed manner to produce accurate results
  • Ensure that samples are analysed timeously by Laboratory staff
  • Maintain comprehensive training of Laboratory Staff by means of structured training programmes, and promote continuous development of staff by providing coaching and motivation
  • Promote teamwork and co-operation in the branch by holding regular branch meetings
  • Implement and ensure safety compliance at the branch and monitor regularly
  • Maintain the efficient use of consumables and dispose of Laboratory waste streams in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Set realistic budget goals and monitor income and expenses as well as report deviations from the goal
  • Ensure that the branch has sufficient stock of consumables at all times
  • Ensure that all laboratory analytical testing and calibration is planned and performed accurately
  • Must be deemed competent and authorised to perform all calibration, test methods and be able to utilise all laboratory equipment
  • Perform accurate Diagnosis for WTCS and WSL Laboratories in accordance with IEC and related Standards
  • Send reports to customers timeously
  • Timeously address all customers’ queries regarding their reports
  • Develop forecasts for financial and business objectives
  • Meet company goals and objectives
  • Identify areas of improvement and propose corrective actions
  • Address customer and employee issues promptly
  • Network to improve the presence and reputation of the branch and the Company.


Availability: The successful candidate must be able to start in their position as soon as possible.

Only CV’s sent to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  will be considered.

Applications close on 20th June 2018. If you have not received a response by 29th June 2018, please consider your application as being unsuccessful.

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Monday, 11 December 2017 13:00

Long Service: 10 year tenure

WearCheck has many valuable assets, but the most valued of all are its members of staff, who dedicate their careers to providing fabulous customer service and world-class laboratory results.

One of the factors that helps develop great team work and excellent performance at work is when people know their jobs and the business well, which in turn comes from long-term commitment to the company.

This year, we celebrate these WearCheck workers who have reached the 10 year milestone of being part of the WearCheck family. Well done and thank you for your dedication.

Admin clerk Anneline Chinsamy has worked at WearCheck Pinetown for 10 years

Reliability solutions technician Hein Coetzer of Richards Bay has worked at WearCheck for 10 years

Stores assistant Victoria Gama has worked at WearCheck Johannesburg for 10 years

Pinetown laboratory manager Meshach Govender has worked at WearCheck for 10 years. Meshach, a qualified chemist, began his career with WearCheck as laboratory technician, and was promoted to laboratory manager four years ago

Junior bookkeeper Preshnie Govender has worked at WearCheck Pinetown for 10 years

Junior laboratory assistant Cowboy Manana has worked at WearCheck Johannesburg for 10 years

Stores assistant / driver Joe Ngcobo has worked at WearCheck Pinetown for 10 years

Pinetown laboratory cleaner Lindiwe Nobuntu has worked at WearCheck for 10 years

Reliability solutions technician Surette Roets of Elisras has worked at WearCheck for 10 years

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Monday, 16 October 2017 11:35

Dedicated for two decades

One of the things that makes WearCheck stand head and shoulders above its competitors is the people that work for the company, and the great rapport they have with our customers and with their colleagues.

This rapport is not developed overnight, but rather, it is nurtured and grown over time, and WearCheck is fortunate to have many dedicated team members who have worked for the company for long stretches of time.

HR manager Michelle Padayachee praised the long-serving staff members who have dedicated their energy to the company and applauded the loyalty of all long-serving staff members. ‘We appreciate your dedication and recognise your commitment to the company – thank you.’

Michelle noted several team members who have now been with WearCheck for two decades.


  • Managing director Neil Robinson has been at WearCheck for 20 years. He began his career with the company as a chemist in 1997, was promoted to lab manager in 1999 then technical manager in 2002. He has lead the company as MD for the past 12 years.
  • Field service customer support officer Isaac Mabaso has worked at WearCheck’s Johannesburg branch for 20 years
  • Laboratory assistant Shireen Brijlal has worked in WearCheck Pinetown’s lab for 20 years
  • Software support assistant Collin Naicker has worked at WearCheck Pinetown for 20 years
  • Reliability solutions lead technician Eddie Pieterse, fondly known as “Eddie Senior”, has worked at this job for 20 years. Eddie was part of WearCheck’s ABB acquisition in 2012.
  • Credit supervisor Kay Pillay has worked at WearCheck Pinetown for 20 years
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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 13:50

Loyalty Recognised

WearCheck is a family of very dedicated and loyal staff members, many of whom have clocked up several decades with the company. HR Manager Michelle Padayachee commended all long-serving staff, particularly those who reached important milestones recently.

‘Your loyalty and experience benefits both the company as well as our customers – helping us to continue to run the business efficiently and to offer excellent customer service. Thank you for your loyalty.’


Image 1: Springs-based reliability solutions technician Frank Nkuna has worked at WearCheck for 10 years.

Image 2: Pinetown lab assistant Malcolm Govender has worked at WearCheck for 15 years.

Image 3: Isando-based reliability solutions technician Marcelle Symons has worked at WearCheck for 10 years.

Image 4: Ellisras-based reliability solutions technician Simon Mosima has worked at WearCheck for 10 years.

Image 5: Johannesburg-based driver Danny Nkomo has worked at WearCheck for 10 years.

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Monday, 30 January 2017 14:14

Prestigious peer review

WearCheck's diagnostic manager, John Evans, who - in his more than 25 years with the company - has had many of his articles published in many scientific journals in several countries,  has diagnosed over a million samples, has conducted many training courses and is widely recognised as an inveterate expert in the oil analysis field.

WearCheck, and John, were recently honoured when John was invited to conduct a peer review on a manual chapter written by two American scientists, entitled "Particle Counting: Fuels and Lubricants" for the ASTM-Books.

Reviewing papers for publication is perhaps the highest mark of respect bestowed upon a researcher.  To be asked to review a scientific paper is an acknowledgment of a researcher's superior knowledge and experience.

Well done, John, you have done WearCheck proud.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 10:09

Making headway

There have been some well-earned promotions and new appointments at WearCheck recently. Here, we introduce you to the new folk in their new positions…

Our man in the Middle East (image 3)
Peter Safadi recently joined the WearCheck family as the regional manager: Middle East, based at WearCheck PM in Dubai.  Peter has spent over 40 years running businesses in the Middle East, including Jeddah, Riyadh, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Spain, Morocco and even Iraq. His main focus to date has been on electronics and hydraulics and managing a steel factory. He recently travelled to South Africa to meet the team at WearCheck head office.

Our foreign figure watcher (image 1)
Brandon Bisunath is in the hotseat as one of WearCheck’s two foreign operations book-keepers, where he handles the accounts for the company’s cross-border operations in Zambia, Mozambique and Ghana. Armed with a B.Comm degree from UKZN, and work experience in a shipping company (accounts and finance) and an oil company (logistics), Brandon keeps track of WearCheck’s foreign currency accounting.

Our lady in sales (image 4)
Juliané de Beer has already been part of the WearCheck team for two years, and recently moved across into the sales development arena from customer support. Juliané, who holds a certificate in Business Management, travels many kilometres every day to visit existing customers as well as potential new ones.

Our Steelpoort team (image 2 & 5)
Thomas Madlala has been promoted to business development and technical support at WearCheck Steelpoort.

Josephine Rakolota has been appointed as sales and customer support at WearCheck Steelpoort, with an in depth knowledge of WearCheck’s customers, having provided customer support for 17 years for the company.

Our Witbank worker (image 6)
Dennis Swanepoel has been promoted to branch co-ordinator for WearCheck Witbank, having worked with the company for fourteen years as an analyst and a site manager.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016 12:56

Vigie arrives at 40 year milestone

Four decades, 40 years, 14 600 days…whichever way you view it, it’s a jolly long time…and that is how long our stalwart WearCheck lab supervisor, Vigie Manikum, has been with the company.

On reaching the big milestone in November 2015, Vigie received congratulations from colleagues and friends both locally and around the globe, in recognition of her dedication and outstanding service to the company.

Managing Director Neil Robinson summed it up in his note to all staff, ‘Vigie, it has been a pleasure working with you all these years. Your contribution to the ever-smooth running of the laboratory has been immeasurable and I know there are a significant number of current employees, including myself, whose careers started in the lab, who appreciate the support and guidance you offered during their time there.’

So how did it all start for WearCheck’s longest-serving employee?

“Well, says Vigie, ‘I finished matric at 16, and was one of eight siblings. At 17, I started helping my dad in the laboratory, where he worked at Natal Canvas. In 1975, my mom saw an ad in The Mercury one day. We called, I was interviewed by Gary Brown on the Thursday and by Friday, I had the job at WearCheck!’

Vigie’s career at WearCheck began as an office worker, back in the pre-computer days, where reports and test results were manually typed up on a typewriter. With only Vigie, Lesley Crawford and Gary Brown in the office, everyone had many tasks to do to keep the then McCraw Laboratories going.

1976 saw the company name change to WearCheck. Vigie has seen WearCheck grow from a one-room operation to the multi-national operation it has become today.

Rising through the ranks, Vigie became junior laboratory assistant (1978), a senior lab assistant (1982) then laboratory co-ordinator (1992) and finally laboratory supervisor (2000).

For the senior managers who mentored Vigie throughout her career, she has nothing but gratitude and respect. And this mentorship has filtered down to Vigie’s own subordinates, many of whom wrote notes of congratulations such as this particular one (who now works as a diagnostician at another company):

‘Congratulations on reaching this milestone, you have been the backbone of the lab over the years and for many more in the future.  You have inspired your staff and motivated them way beyond the working environment. You have been a marvellous mentor.’

Looking back over the decades, Vigie insists she has never once needed an alarm clock, as she is still excited to get to work. ‘Although not without its trials and tribulations, I have really and truly relished my career at WearCheck. My brain is on autopilot – when I wake up, it tells me “Go to WearCheck!”’ she laughs.

True to her generous spirit, Vigie organised commemorative chocolates to give to every staff member in celebration of reaching her 40 year milestone with the company recently.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011 15:58

Welcome back

Quinton Verster has rejoined WearCheck as technical consultant, after a three year break.

He originally joined WearCheck as a diagnostician in 2003, following a 16-year stint with the KZN Department of Transport in Durban, Greytown and Ladysmith. Starting as an apprentice in 1987, he worked his way up to manager of the department’s Ladysmith workshop where he was responsible for a team of 17 employees undertaking preventive maintenance for 120 units of construction plant and equipment, 22 ambulances and a variety of vehicles and buses. He holds a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

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