Friday, 22 February 2013 13:39

One million . . . and counting!

One million . . . and counting!

In February, senior diagnostician Steven Lumley became the fourth member of the WearCheck diagnostics team to have diagnosed a million oil samples. She joins diagnostic manager John Evans and diagnosticians Rowan Maartens and Michelle Allis in reaching this milestone.

‘There are very few oil analysis departments anywhere in the world that can boast this level of experience. The WearCheck department consists of seven diagnosticians with a combined 120 years of experience and over seven million samples between them,’ says diagnostic manager John Evans, who has spent the last thirty years in the oil analysis field.

‘It is important to note that with this degree of expertise, there are very few things that the group has not seen before or can't explain. It also means that should something start to go wrong, either mechanically or with a lubricant, the team will become aware of it very quickly and can aid customers, OEMs, and oil companies alike with a wealth of statistical data and advice.

‘Knowing whether the problem is restricted to a particular machine, or developing on other sites or with other customers on a local, national or global scale can be enormously useful. Our database contains data on almost ten million oil samples and that is a real treasure trove of information,’ said John.

Million up - Copy

Senior diagnostician Steven Lumley (centre, standing) of WearCheck recently diagnosed her millionth sample. In reaching this milestone, she joins diagnosticians Rowan Maartens (left) and Michelle Allis (inset) and diagnostic manager John Evans (seated at microscope)