Monday, 17 February 2020 19:44

First CBM conference for SA

Are you a machinery maintenance professional? We have exciting news for you – the annual global Condition-based Monitoring (CBM) training conference takes place in Johannesburg from 10 - 12 March 2020 – the event’s first visit to the African continent.

Come and listen to the top reliability solutions professionals from around South Africa (Europe, Australia, America), discussing the very latest global reliability solutions trends.

Workshop presenters will outline case studies where unique RS problems were solved and participate in dialogue around new RS technology.

As WearCheck is one of the leading condition monitoring specialists, we believe this prestigious event gives local RS professionals a golden opportunity to learn more about their industry. We are a premier sponsor for the conference, which takes place at the Radisson Blu Gautrain hotel.

WearCheck’s reliability solutions manager, Philip Schutte, endorses the local CBM conference and urges all current and aspiring RS professionals to attend the conference and learn more about global trends. ‘Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!’

To register for the conference, please visit