Friday, 24 January 2020 12:28

Minimising Operational Challenges

Minimising Operational Challenges

When a plant is required to operate under extreme conditions - such as harsh weather - monitoring and managing the negative effects on components is essential to keep production flowing.

Regular condition monitoring can chart how operational risk is adversely effecting equipment, including repeatedly high PQ levels and high concentrations of wear particles.

WearCheck’s Zimbabwe Operations HOD, Shesby Chabaya, has for many years assisted various organisations across industries such as agricultural, mining, transport, materials re-handling and manufacturing, in their quest to achieve operational excellence through leveraging on the oil analysis and condition monitoring programme.

In WearCheck’s latest Technical Bulletin, Shesby discusses strategies for minimising the impact of operational challenges, outlining a recent case study on a fleet of crop harvesting components. These maintenance plans include continuous assessment of component change patterns, replacement stock levels, monitoring oil analysis results and noting critical trends and fault repeats.

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